What is Blue Advantage HMO Illinois?

What is Blue Advantage HMO Illinois is one of those questions that have to be answered in parts. Blue Advantage is a health insurance plan that is offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois, the HMO part stands for Health Maintenance Organization, so Blue Advantage HMO Illinois is a health insurance plan that Blue Cross Blue Shield offers that is managed by an HMO.

If you have never had any experience with an HMO than there are a couple of things you need to know to make an informed choice.

What is a PCM?

When you join Blue Advantage HMO Illinois you will be assigned to a PCM or a primary care manager. The PCM is like a family doctor. This doctor will oversee all your health care, if you need to see a specialist than the PCM will make a referral if he or she believes it is medically necessary.


The HMO typically has agreements in place with hundreds of doctors; these doctors have agreed to accept the Blue Advantage HMO Illinois insurance as payment, so typically there is no deductible and very low co-pay that you have to pay out of pocket. You do have to pay a monthly premium.

The Blue Advantage HMO Illinois is a standardized plan with very few options. Some versions of the plan do allow you to go outside the network for health care but at a higher cost, some versions of the plan will not pay out if you leave the network for health care.

Where to Get Blue Advantage HMO Illinois?

There are several places you can get Blue Advantage HMO Illinois but non better than Illinoishealth.com. Ilinoishealth.com specializes in providing health insurance for Illinois residents. This is not an insurance company! Illinoishealth.com does not work for any one insurance company but instead has great relationships with all the big insurance carriers and works for you!

Illinoishealth.com can provide you with all the information that you need about Blue Advantage HMO Illinois and how HMO’s work to your benefit. Illinoishealth.com is a wealth of information for anything that pertains to Illinois health insurance especially Blue Advantage HMO Illinois.

Getting the right health insurance plan is very important, you want to make sure that the plan you pick is the one that works best for you.

Go to Illinoishealth.com to learn all you can about Blue Advantage HMO Illinois today before you make any decisions!

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